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A collection of videos and helpful guides.

Video – How to personalise your booklet.

Here is a checklist to assist you in using the online editor.

We recommend using the Google Chrome browser for the best experience using our editor.

1 – You should have received the running order of service layout from the individual taking the service, if not we have a sample above you can use to plan the Funeral Order of Service content.

2 – Gather all the photos that will be used within your booklet in a folder on your desktop.

3 – We are ready… watch our short video below and be sure to take a look at our helpful guides.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently updating our start to finish video, please check back soon.
(Last Update: 23rd Jan 2022).

Tutorial Quick Links - Learn the basics.

Video Tutorials

Working with text
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Insert and style text on your pages

Learn how to insert and paste text without the need to type long hymns and poems. We will show you how to change fonts, colours and format text to include bold and italic styling.

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Insert text and photos on the same page

This video we guide you on how to insert photo and text on the same page.

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Upload and insert your own photos / elements

Upload photos and page elements to your design, use our library of page decorations including floral, dividers and more.

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Save your design and continue later

Learn how to save your Funeral Stationery and continue when you are ready.

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