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Funeral Order of Service

A Funeral Order of Service is a printed guide to the funeral ceremony or service. It details everything that will take place during the funeral ceremony, including readings, hymns, tributes and songs.

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Order of Service Funeral Examples

View examples of an order of service template for a funeral using our easy-to-use online design editor.

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Funeral Order of Service Templates

Choose from over 150+ beautifully crafted free funeral orders of service templates. You can personalise and populate all design elements with your photos and wording.

Simply complete pre-populated text options, including the name of your loved one, date of birth and death, funeral time & location you can even add your hymns, reading, poems, quotes and much more.

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Create 2, 4, 8 or 12+ page funeral order of service booklet using our editable page templates. You have complete freedom to personalise the inner pages of your funeral order of service exactly to your requirements.

Choose from a range of different photo pages, allowing you to upload photos of your loved one. Paste or type in your own wording to include readings, hymns and prayers.

Select from our library of clipart including separators, page decorations, floral elements and much more or upload your own.

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Easy to Use Online Editor

Create a funeral order of service with ease

The online template editor allows you the freedom to personalise your order of service funeral template exactly to your requirements. Insert cherished photographs, type or paste in your own text hymns, poems and readings.

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How to Create a Funeral Order of Service

Creating a funeral order of service can be a daunting task, especially during a time of grief. However, it can also be a therapeutic process, allowing you to reflect on the life of the deceased and create a meaningful tribute. Here's a guide to help you create a funeral order of service that is as unique and special as the person it commemorates.

Understanding the Funeral Order of Service

The funeral order of service is a printed guide to the funeral ceremony. It typically includes details about the deceased, photographs, and a list of the ceremony's proceedings. While usually presented as an A5 booklet, the size, length, and content can be customised to reflect the personality and preferences of the deceased.

A printed funeral order of service can be comforting for attendees, as it provides a clear outline of the ceremony and can include practical details like directions for after the service or how to donate in memory of the deceased. However, it's not a necessity. Some funerals may opt for projecting information on a screen or verbal explanations by the celebrant.

Crafting a Personalised Order of Service

While there are no fixed rules for what to include in a funeral order of service, there are some common elements:

  • Frontpage: This typically includes the deceased's name, dates of birth and death, the funeral's date, time, and place, a photo of the person, and a meaningful quote.

  • Inside: This section outlines the order of the funeral, including music, readings, hymns or songs, prayers, poems, eulogies, and tributes. It can also include the names of the celebrant and any family or friends involved in the ceremony.

  • Back page: This page often includes a thank you note to attendees, information about donations to a chosen charity, and details about what will happen after the service.

To make the funeral order of service more personal, consider incorporating elements that reflect the loved one's personality, values, or interests. This could include their favourite colour, imagery related to a hobby or passion, or even their artwork or writings.

Practical Considerations

When deciding how many copies to print, it's better to print a few extras than to run short. The main printing cost is setting up the initial print run, so adding a few extra copies won't significantly increase the overall cost.

Regarding timing, you can start thinking about the order of service as soon as you begin planning the funeral. It's advisable to have all the content ready at least a week before the funeral date to allow time for layout, proofing, and printing.

Creating a funeral order of service is a deeply personal task, but remember, resources are available to help you through the process, including downloadable templates and design ideas online. The most important thing is that the funeral order of service booklets reflects the unique life and personality of the remembered person.

Creating the Order of Service That Reflects Your Loved One

One of the most important aspects of creating a funeral order of service is ensuring that it truly reflects the person who has passed away. This can be achieved in a variety of ways:

  • Use of Photos: Including photos of the deceased can make the order of service more personal. These could be individual photos, a photo collage, or a combination. You could also consider using drawings or other significant imagery of the person.

  • Incorporating Personal Elements: Consider your loved one's personality, values, and interests. You could use their favourite colour for the order of service, include imagery related to their hobbies or passions, or select a design style that reflects their personality. If they were an artist, consider including their artwork. You could include some of their creative writing if they loved to write. Even recipes written in their handwriting can be a touching addition.

  • Quotes: Including a quote that reflects something about the person can be a meaningful touch. This could be a favourite saying of theirs, a line from a poem or song they loved, or even a quote that you feel encapsulates their spirit.

Religious Considerations

The content of the order of service can be influenced by whether the funeral is religious or not. If the funeral is religious, certain elements may need to be included, so it's essential to consult with the religious leader who will be conducting the ceremony. However, if the funeral is not religious, you have more flexibility to include whatever elements you feel are appropriate.

Digital Considerations

In the digital age, it's also worth considering whether you might want to email attendees an order of service in advance, particularly if the funeral is being webcast. This allows those who cannot attend in person to follow along with the service.


Creating a funeral order of service is a deeply personal and meaningful task. It's an opportunity to reflect on the life of the person who has passed away and create a tribute that truly reflects them. While it can be a challenging task, particularly during a time of grief, it can also be a therapeutic process. Remember, there are no fixed rules – the most important thing is that the order of service feels right for you and the person you remember.

Looking for professionally designed Funeral Order of Service booklets to personalise? Look at our range of templates designed professionally by our in-house team.

What is Funeral order of service printing?

A Funeral Order of Service is a booklet or pamphlet that outlines the events and key details of a funeral or memorial service. It typically includes information such as the order of events, names of speakers, hymns or songs, readings, and other relevant details. The purpose of the Funeral Order of Service is to guide attendees through the ceremony and provide them with a keepsake to remember the deceased.

Funeral order of service printing involves creating physical copies of these booklets for distribution to the mourners attending the funeral. The printed material is usually designed with a cover that includes the name of the deceased, relevant dates, and possibly a photograph. It lays out the sequence of events and other pertinent information. These printed booklets serve as a helpful guide for attendees, ensuring everyone is on the same page and can participate appropriately in the ceremony. They also serve as a tangible memento for those in attendance to cherish and remember the departed.

Funeral Order of Service Templates

A compelling reason to use funeral order of service templates is that they provide a structured and organised framework during a challenging and emotional time for you and your family. Here's a more detailed explanation:

  1. Ease of Use and Time Efficiency:

  • Funeral order of service templates offers a ready-made structure that simplifies creating a meaningful order of service booklet for the funeral.

  • During times of grief, dealing with various arrangements can be overwhelming. Templates save time and effort, allowing you to focus on personalising the content rather than starting from scratch.

  1. Consistency and Professionalism:

  • Templates ensure a consistent and professional appearance for the order of service. It is essential for creating a cohesive and respectful template that honours the memory of the departed individual.

  • A well-designed template can enhance the overall aesthetic and presentation of the order of service, contributing to a dignified and organised ceremony.

  1. Guidance for Attendees:

  • The order of service serves as a guide for attendees, helping them navigate the sequence of events during the memorial service.

  • Templates provide a clear structure, ensuring that important details such as the schedule, speakers, and selected readings are easily accessible, making the overall experience more comforting for those in attendance.

  1. Customisation Options:

  • While templates offer a pre-established structure, they also allow for personalisation. Users can add unique elements such as favourite quotes, photos, or specific details about the departed individual, making each order of service unique and meaningful.

  1. Inclusivity and Sharing:

  • Using templates facilitates the creation of both digital and print versions of the order of service. This inclusivity allows for easy sharing with attendees who may be physically distant but wish to participate virtually.

  • Digital versions can be shared through email or online platforms, ensuring that a broader circle of family and friends can be part of the commemoration.

  1. Reduced Stress for Organisers:

  • Funeral planning can be emotionally challenging. Templates alleviate some stress by providing a structured starting point, allowing organisers to focus on emotional aspects and personalise the content rather than starting from scratch.

In summary, funeral order of service templates offer a practical and compassionate solution during a difficult time. It balances structure and personalisation, enabling organisers to create a dignified and meaningful document that guides attendees through the memorial service while reducing the burden of starting from scratch.

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