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Create a unique and uplifting order of service funeral booklet online using easy to use designs. The funeral order of service is distributed to attendees as they arrive at the service. It serves as a keepsake for attendees to remember and honour your loved one as well as providing practical guidance throughout the service.

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How to Create a Personalised Funeral Order of Service

A funeral order of service is a printed guide to the funeral ceremony or service. It includes details about the person who has died, often with photographs, and a list of what's happening during the service to help people participate in the ceremony. Order of services booklets are usually A5 (148 × 210 mm) and printed on a heavyweight card, usually 350gsm, up to 12 pages long. They are given out to everyone who attends the funeral. You can choose what text and images to include and how these are laid out to make the order of service as unique as your loved one. The Order of Service is a lasting memory of your loved one.It can be kept for years after the service or placed into a keepsake memory box, so investing the time to ensure it is perfect makes sense.

What should be included in a funeral order of service?

Front Cover:

The front cover of the funeral order of service booklet sets the tone for the ceremony and is the first impression guests will have of the service. Designing a cover that is both respectful and personalised can provide comfort to mourners and create a lasting tribute to the person who has passed away. We will detail the key elements that should be included on the front cover of a funeral order of service booklet, ensuring it is informative and visually appealing.

You can include the following details:

  • Title or heading: To set the tone for the service, a title or heading such as "In Loving Memory," "Celebrating the Life of," or "A Service of Remembrance" can be included.
  • Full name of your loved one: Display the full name, including any nicknames, maiden names, or titles they were known by.
  • Photograph of the deceased: A photo of the deceased is often included. Usually, it is recent or best represents the person's personality or interests. The photo can be in colour or black and white, depending on the overall design of the booklet.
  • Date of birth and passing Format: 30th of October 1920 - 25th of May 2023
  • The date, timing and location of the service
  • The name of the individual carrying out the service

Front Cover Photograph:

Selecting a photograph for your loved one can allow the family to get together and go through old photographs. It is best to try to pick a photo where your loved one is the main focus. It is also an ideal time to remember your loved one's personality and character. If you have more than one photograph selected, you can always add additional photographs throughout the Order of Service.

Inside Pages:

The inner pages contain funeral service details, ranging from two to ten pages or more, based on the duration of the service. Ensure adequate space if you wish to incorporate extra photos within the booklet. The ceremony's structure is a matter of personal preference, and no specific format is required. Generally, the service leader will help determine the sequence and necessary inclusions. Here is an example of an Order of Service inside pages:

  • Entrance Music
  • Introduction and Welcome from the person leading the ceremony (usually a vicar or Celebrant)
  • Readings, Blessings or prayers.
  • Photo Collages
  • The eulogy or Life Tribute
  • Hymn, Prayer or Verse
  • Commendation & Farewell
  • Committal
  • Dismissal and Blessing
  • Exit Music

The Back Page:

Sample Back Pages here (Oval, Square, Round) The back page will typically include a recent photo located at the top of the page. A small thank you message, thanking family and guests for attending and may include the address for the gathering/refreshments after the service. If you have chosen a charity for your loved one, you can include a message to direct family and friends to donate. Here is some example wording for the back page, which you can either copy and paste or edit to suit

Free order of service funeral templates

A wide selection of templates and designs are available online. For example, there are over 100+ funeral order of service templates, or Canva offers a selection of free templates you can personalise online.

How to organise Funeral order of service printing

If you decide to create the order of service yourself, you'll need to find a reliable, high-quality printer before the service. There are done-for-you services online.

What is a Funeral Order of Service

A funeral order of service is a booklet given to both the funeral attendees and those unable to attend. It details everything that will occur at the funeral service, including readings, hymns, tributes and songs. The booklet often includes welcomings, readings, hymns or songs, eulogies, prayers, and special rituals or traditions unique to the deceased's culture or religious beliefs

Funeral Order of Service helps attendees follow along with the proceedings. It allows family members and planners to ensure that the ceremony pays a meaningful tribute to the life and memory of the loved one who has passed away.

The Funeral Order of Service often includes personal touches that reflect the life and personality of the deceased. These can range from photographs, favourite quotes, or poems to specific music selections. Families can create a more intimate and heartfelt goodbye by customising the service. The Funeral Order of Service is typically printed and distributed to those attending, serving as a keepsake to remember the loved one. In addition, it provides a keepsake memory for those who want to reflect on the ceremony and the life it celebrated

Funeral Order of Service
Funeral Order of Service

Funeral Order of Service Templates
Beautifully Designed

Funeral order of service templates can help guide you through creating a beautiful order of service for a funeral memorial. Whether you write a order of service on your own or use a free online design tool, having a template can set the tone for the service and make sure you include all the necessary information for funeral attendance.

Order of service funeral templates typically consists of events for the funeral, readings, hymns, and any other special touches you want to add. It's essential to work closely with family and the person conducting the service to ensure everything runs smoothly throughout the service.

With hundreds of template designs to choose from, you can find the perfect design to fit the personality of your loved one. Many services offer printing with free design, so you can create a personalised booklet without breaking the bank.

By using our free online template design tool, you can customise your order of service to your liking and have it delivered right to your door. It will save you both time and money, as printing your order of service can add up quickly with printer ink and paper costs. Plus, by using a service that offers free next-day delivery, you can have the order of service in hand before the funeral without any additional rush or funeral director fees.

Funeral Order of Service Printing

Funeral Order of Service Printing is essential to organising a funeral ceremony. It serves as a guide for attendees, outlining the service proceedings and providing details about the deceased. The order of service typically includes the name of the deceased, dates of birth and death, any readings or poems that someone will read out at the service, and the schedule of events. Printing a funeral order of service gives family and friends a keepsake to remember their loved ones and provides a sense of structure to the ceremony.

When printing a funeral order of service, the design you choose should reflect your loved one's personality and interests. Many printing companies offer customisable templates that can be personalised with photos, quotes, and other meaningful elements. It is also essential to consider the quality of the paper and printing method to ensure that the program is durable and well-presented.

Overall, funeral order of service printing is a thoughtful way to honour the memory of a loved one and provide comfort to those in mourning. By creating a personalised and well-designed program, you can make a lasting tribute that will be cherished by all who attend the service.

Funeral Order of Service Printing
Funeral Order of Service Printing on 350gsm Thick Card

Funeral Order of Service Examples

A Funeral Order of Service booklet is a program or booklet distributed to attendees at a funeral or memorial service. Its purpose is to guide attendees through the service's proceedings and provide them with a keepsake to remember the event. Here's what you might include inside:

Front Cover:

  • Full Name of Loved One
  • Date of birth and date of passing
  • A full colour photo of your loved
  • Funeral Location, time and date

Inside Pages: This section outlines the structure of the service, including:

  • Welcome and introduction
  • Hymns or music selections with the lyrics or titles
  • Readings, poems, or scriptures with their titles and authors
  • Tributes or eulogies with the names of the speakers
  • Committal or closing remarks
  • Any other elements unique to the service

Back Cover:

  • The back cover can include additional information such as:
  • Thank you and donation messages
  • Details about any post-service gatherings or receptions
  • Acknowledgments to those who provided support or assistance
funeral order of service front cover example
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